What is Video Advertising?

Video ads offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional TV advertising. It uniquely captures diverse, tech-savvy audience, and refers to video ads that occur before, during, or after a video stream on the internet. It is a crucial component to any broad marketing strategy.

Primary Types of Video Ads


In-stream video ads can be served before (pre-roll), during (mid-roll), or after (post-roll) streaming video content requested on demand by the user. Usually video ads tend to be contextual and try to resonate with the interest of the viewer of the specific video content.


Out-stream video ads can be inserted within content, such as in articles, as native, in-feed, or interstitial ads. They are usually auto-play and start muted. The user has the option to turn the volume on and expand the video ad.


This is a high-impact video format which offers full screen layer that covers the entire screen. Appearing during natural transition points between screens within the flow of apps or websites, interstitial video ads present a great opportunity to make an impact.

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