Why BrandIQ

Digital advertising is the vast place where creativity meets science. Today, there are countless options for where a brand should advertise, so choosing the right marketing agency for your business is of key importance. 

What makes BrandIQ unique? 

What sets us apart in today’s fiercely competitive business is our marketing concept, that incorporates three aspects: high ROI, cutting edge technologies and commitment to success. 

We are proud to be honored by the advertising industry as “Best Programmatic Provider” for 2023 at the MarTech Outlook awards. This prize proves that at the heart of BrandIQ’s approach lies a personalized marketing strategy moved by a strong doze of dedication and creativity in each of our projects. We constantly analyze consumers’ behavior and new digital market trends to stay ahead of our competition. 

Our company is aware that every business, whether it is a medium-sized family firm or a big corporation, has its own authentic value, and the one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t work. This is why our team crafts personalized marketing campaigns, tailored to individual trademark specifics. We provide fully customized dynamic creatives that promote to each potential customer of your brand the most effective, relevant image and copy. 

What can you expect from us? 

Imagine you come to our agency. Apart from the friendly and professional attitude of our young team, we will greet you with compassion and a cup of coffee. How you envision your advertisement for us is vital. We shall listen to your ideas and provide our own afterwards. The team here has a method that is always responsive to clients’ concerns because every little detail is valuable and contributes to the exclusiveness of each individual ad campaign.

You don’t have an idea where to start? This is great! 

We are virtuosos in starting from scratch, creating a one-of-a-kind advertising campaign for every new client. Our crew of specialists will develop the most suitable marketing strategy, specifically for your audience, based on accurate research. We cover CTV, native, display, audio, video, email, and all other popular digital advertising mediums you can think of. 

Dedicated to helping you achieve the best results in your respective industry, we strive to cover all aspects of marketing, from research and strategy development to execution and optimization, by using various DSP’s like DV360 and Amazon advertising. Our experts work with all social media platforms you can imagine from Facebook to LinkedIn. 

You’re not sure where your advertisement should appear, considering that the internet is a boundless space, right? 

This is a perfectly normal situation. We constantly help our clients advertise in the right place, in front of the most suitable people, so that your brand’s budget can be spent in the most accurate and effective way. We go by the maxim “Fewer dollars spent, more people reached.” and we can demonstrate it visually with examples. 

Our client’s success speaks for us.

 Some of our clients are one of the biggest names in their industries, from luxurious car brands like Maserati, up to leaders in providing computer equipment such as Polycom. We have developed an effective brand strategy campaign for every one of them. 

The wide variety of market sectors that BrandIQ has covered from an advertising perspective is the most precise indicator that our professional team can effectively promote anything in the best way possible. 

One of our biggest clients – Leverage Shares, is the pioneer provider of physically backed leveraged financial instruments. The company has more than 100 listed products and comprises of more than 5% of all listed ETPs on the London Stock Exchange. Advertising such clients was challenging in the beginning as it is a process governed by strict financial regulations. The fragmentation of the European financial markets and country-specific regulations made advertising much harder than in other industries. As with all financial products, the conversion path in the user’s journey is most often indirect, as financial products are bought through brokers and they are not allowed to reveal information about trading volumes or investments. 

We managed to initiate precise targets across all platforms. Our team handpicked websites and apps to include relevant economic, tech, and financial media known to attract potential users of Leverage Shares’ products. The results were clear: Brand IQ significantly increased their website’s traffic, accomplishing more than 20-fold growth in overall trading volume and AUM. 

With TechnoMix – a big chain of stores for electronics, our goal was to enlarge the influence of the company while boosting sales through both their website and physical stores. 

We created a comprehensive advertising strategy with dynamic product creatives at its core. Our team selected the most suitable advertising channels across programmatic, search, and social media, to establish the company’s name and to build a clear and distinctive brand image of the offered products among consumers. Our data-driven approach influenced everything from website design to social media presence management and the result in search traffic engagement has spoken for itself.  

Allow us to transform your vision into results!  Unlock your business potential by becoming our client and discover a world of opportunities, where your customer base and brand awareness expand exponentially. You trust us – we make sure the voice of your brand echoes worldwide. Contact BrandIQ today, and let’s begin your advertising journey together.

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