Personalized advertising

Data modelling leads to personalization at scale

What is it and why it matters?

Personalized advertising means delivering relevant ads to your potential clients. Using it can increase your CTR and conversion rates significantly. In practice, there are the 4 main things you have to do if you want to offer a personalized ads experience to your potential customers:

Gather data: Start by collecting data on your clients’ behavior, preferences, and interests. This can include website analytics, social media engagement, and customer surveys. The more data you have, the better you can tailor your ads.

Segment your audience: Once you have data, segment your audience into specific groups based on common characteristics. This can include demographics, interests, location, or behavior. By targeting specific segments with personalized ads, you can maximize relevance and effectiveness.

Use dynamic content: Dynamic content allows you to create ads that automatically adjust based on each individual’s profile and behavior. For example, you can show different products or offers based on browsing history or purchase history.

Test and optimize: Personalized advertising requires ongoing testing and optimization to ensure it’s delivering the best results. Continuously analyze performance metrics and adjust your strategies based on what’s working and what’s not.

And of course, we saved the best for last. At BrandIQ, we can do all of the things above and much more for you. We provide comprehensive services across programmatic, social, search, TV, audio, radio, and DOOH channels through strategic integrations and partnerships.

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Data-driven marketing fundamentally revolves around harnessing customer information to craft exceptionally targeted and impactful marketing campaigns. It goes beyond mere data collection. It must comprehend and leverage data to offer personalized encounters with the customer base.
Digital advertising is the vast place where creativity meets science. Today, there are countless options for where a brand should advertise, so choosing the right marketing agency for your business is of key importance. 
Recent technological advancements have altered how consumers interact with information and relate to brands. Every device and screen serve as a virtual gateway to customers, providing marketers infinite opportunities to communicate with the target audience.
We are thrilled to announce that BrandIQ has been awarded the Best Programmatic Provider Award by Martech Outlook, joining a list of established industry names. Our team has a history of innovation that spans across various aspects of digital marketing and programmatic advertising and puts the customer in the center, while helping brands accomplish aesthetic data-driven personalization at scale.
There are billions of global internet users. The way people shop and buy nowadays has changed drastically compared to the times before the invention of the World Wide Web — meaning offline marketing can’t be your only strategy for driving sales. Marketing has always been about connecting with an audience in the right place and at the right time. Today, that means you need to meet them where they are spending the most time: online.
We at BrandIQ offer programmatic advertising to our business partners. However, understanding what programmatic entails and how it distinguishes itself from traditional display marketing is crucial for anyone who wants their business to be successful.

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