Journey-based ad strategy

If you own your business, you probably have already heard the customer journey term.  It represents the path of your potential customers, through the first interaction with your brand or service up to the final – when they purchase or use what you offer. It describes direct actions such as speaking with customer support or indirect ones like hearing about a brand on the television.

As an advertiser, it is extremely important to understand your customer journey to implement a successful marketing campaign. Today, customer interaction with your brand occurs across multiple touchpoints on various online devices. Journey-based ad strategies often consist of lead nurturing emails. Their goal is to increase conversions.

Why does your business need a journey-based ad strategy to be successful?

Journey-based advertising describes the execution of your brand’s plan for releasing a series of ad campaigns focused on the stages of the customer journey. We can break down the journey into a few different phases. They are usually embarked upon by users striving to find a solution to a problem. These stages are awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty, and advocacy.

Let’s imagine you opened your long-desired bicycle shop, and you have trusted BrandIQ to produce your journey ad campaign. When your potential customer is beginning to search for the type of bike they want, they enter the awareness phase of the journey. At this stage, they might see your display ad on a local sports site with a cleverly crafted message by one of our copywriters: “Your Journey, Our Wheels.” Once the customer clicks on the ad, they land on your shop’s website where they see the first 10 models of touring bikes designed specifically for long rides.

When the potential customers begin to drill deeper and research each model’s benefits, they are in the consideration phase. This journey level is pivotal and must include various representations of information such as a dynamic ad featuring the bikes where you can see one model in different colors or а 3D ad where with the movement of the mouse pointer customers can examine a bicycle from all angles. At BrandIQ we are specialists in creating such types of ads, as well as adding further detail with carefully curated written product descriptions. When the user finally makes the choice to buy a bike from your site, this is the conversion stage.

Over the years such paid dynamic ads have become a leading tactic that sits at the beginning of the journey with one goal – to bring more awareness to your brand. Once somebody has engaged and clicked on the ad, the next steps are taken over by the website. Advertisements encompass more than just a strategy to convey a brand’s message. They can generate potential leads and they can facilitate conversions that extend beyond the advertisement itself. When an advertiser shifts their thinking from simply having brand awareness in mind to a conversion strategy, they have taken the vital step into developing a journey-based advertising campaign.

BrandIQ helps your business through all stages of the ad journey from building brand awareness up to fostering loyalty into your devoted customers. The last ones are the users that bring you to the final advocacy stage by recommending your brand to other potential customers. BrandIQ’s team of specialists uses targeting and tracking pixels to bring audiences closer to becoming your customers with each click.

Examples of ads that we provide with this strategy in mind could be:

Search ads – these campaigns are focused on questions that appear in the early, middle, and later stages of the research process. They are segmented by various keywords, indicating the progression of one’s intent to convert. Using the touring bikes example, these search terms could be targeted to each phase of the journey as follows:

  • Awareness – Top touring bikes by resilience
  • Consideration – Model/Features of the bicycles
  • Decision – Models available only online and ones that can be bought only in physical stores.

Display ads – they should be targeted to your ideal audience, exposing a broad number of people to your brand with a message that occurred in the earlier stages of their research. They should be placed on sites that are likely to be visited by people with an interest in your products or services. In the previous example, good options for bike ads are sports, travel, and adventure sites, as well as health and wellness blogs.

Remarketing campaigns – they serve to remind potential customers about the brand’s products. They are shown after a user has indicated an interest. Remarketing for a bike shop involves showing targeted ads to people who have previously visited your website or engaged with your brand in some way. For example, when users visit your bike store’s website, they are tagged with a tracking pixel or cookie. This allows you to identify and trace their online behavior.

Why work with us?

BrandIQ’s team will create engaging ad content that is tailored to each segment of your campaign.

We utilize advertising platforms like Google Ads or social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram) that offer remarketing capabilities for your products. And we make sure to set limits on how often your ads appear to avoid overwhelming users and potentially annoying them. With us, you can be sure your dynamic remarketing is on point, showing ads that feature the exact products users viewed on your site. We help you cross-selling by displaying related products or accessories, encouraging users to explore more options from your arsenal of goods or services.

Our company continuously tests different ad variations, messaging, and calls to action to determine what resonates best with your audience, as we keep you constantly informed of measurements and optimization processes on your website.

BrandIQ’s specialists regularly analyze the performance of your remarketing campaigns. We adjust your strategy based on metrics like click-through rates, conversion rates, and return on ad spend.

By dividing your website visitors into different segments, based on their interactions, we acquire the needed information to gain more leads. For example, you could have segments of users who added items to their cart but didn’t complete the purchase. We will remind them to go back and finish what they have started.

Why do journey-based ads work so well?

The answer is simple – we use journey-based ads to serve the right message at the right time to the right audience. The digital-marketing ecosystem is constantly altering, and we will help your business evolve with it. BrandIQ strives to be an enduring collaborator to all its clients, offering a wide range of digital marketing capabilities.

If you want to fully unleash the potential of your brand and keep your business competitive with the best in the industry, do not hesitate to visit our website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! We’ll get right back to you!

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