What is Social Media Advertising?

Social media ads are native formats within the major social networks, such as Meta’s Facebook and Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Quora, Reddit, and others. They leverage the large troves of data coming from registered users in these platforms.

How Social Media Ads Work?

Social media ads function within the walled gardens of the major social platforms. Employing native formats by design, they combine text, images, and video assets in predefined templated formats. Large amounts of user data are leveraged to deliver some of the most precise targeting in the world of digital advertising.

Social Media Formats

Native Ads

Ads in social media follow the format of native rich media creatives. They often include pictures and video, combined with text and a CTA.


Carousels incorporate cards with different images that could be scrolled horizontally to provide more flavor to the brand message or tell a story.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads are based on feeds with product data. They contain fresh pricing and availability data and are automatically updated based on changes in inventory.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads could fall in any of the three categories above but they are often product ads and are based on the browsing activity of the users.

Walled Gardens

Social media compete against each other based on the number of users and their engagement. The war between them is more aggressive than ever, and they often appropriate the media and ad formats of each other. The advertising metrics within social media are often difficult to check, with very little data flowing outside of their walled gardens.

Why Advertise on Social Media

Expand Your Organic Presence

Social media advertising expands the organic presence of the brand and has become inevitable for major brands and startups alike.

Drive Brand Recognition

Being served mostly on mobile, social media ads have great viewability and enhance the presence of the brand.

Increase Engagement

Users browsing social media are usually doing it during their spare time when they are relaxed and more probed to engage with a brand.

Target Precisely

Advertising in social media allows advertisers to target specific customers with relevant products.

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