Reach interested customers

Brand IQ helps service providers in software and supplies deliver targeted ads to niche audience segments. Streamline the exploration experience for your potential customers and help them discover how your services are the match they’re looking for.

Complete User View Through Data-Driven Digital Presence

Have a unique view at your data and leverage our reporting capabilities as a mass survey system to understand what features of a product or service are appealing. Big data come natural to us and can help save months of research while reducing costs. Brand IQ uses data science to integrate all data points into holistic campaigns that leverage contextual, device, and behavioral targeting.

Turn Curious Looks Into Loyal Customers

Are you prepared to unlock the full potential of your team? Brand IQ helps you collect first party data and supplements your customers’ behavioral data with predictive algorithms about their interests to identify more decision makers whose organization needs your services.

Convert Traffic to Sales

Brand IQ focuses on running compelling creatives and showing them to high lifetime value users at scale. We use contextual and behavioral targeting to reach users who are looking for services like yours and give them a compelling reason to sign up.

Personalize Customer Experiences

People have different browsing habits. We design and program personalized content that contributes to sign-ups for your business, regardless of the digital channel people are using. Embracing a data-driven approach from the start gives you the means to showcase your expertise across leading websites, apps, platforms, and smart TVs.

Tap Into New Audiences

Brand IQ employs predictive analytics and leading technology to help you tap into new audience segments and discover additional opportunities to apply your expertise. Layer precise targeting and 3rd party audience data to maximize results and create loyal corporate customers.

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