What is search advertising?

Search advertising refers to promoted results across the major search engines, appearing above organic ones in response to user search queries with specific keywords. It is often called pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, because advertisers are usually billed on a per-click basis.

Search advertising formats

Ad text

The body of the search ads consists of text, broken between a title and several lines of body copy, which resembles the native look of search results within the search engine.


Extensions are extra snippets of text that contain additional information that increases the relevance of the ad, such as callout phrases, locations, phone numbers, site links, and product advantages.


Responsive ads are a form of text search ads whose content and length are based on the content of the advertised landing page. They are the future of search ads and rapidly becoming the norm.


Dynamic search ads are based on the specific queries of the users and are especially effective for larger online stores with thousands of products.


Shopping ads appear in select markets and contain visual product information and pricing. They are based on the concept of dynamic search ads and aim to be highly relevant to user queries.

Why search advertising?

Compete against rivals

Search ads place rivals head-to-head in a direct competition based on user interest, providing smaller, local brands an equal footing when competing against larger, established businesses.

Enhance brand presence

Paid search is an excellent way to monetize brand recognition from other channels as every well-known brand is expected to appear in search results as well.

Adjust to user needs

Users look for different things, and search advertising offers a scalable way to adjust to and target user interest.

Market penetration

Penetrating a new market may be challenging, but search ads provide a robust set of tools to that enable you to disrupt the competition!

Leverage data

First- and third-party data can be leveraged in search advertising to ensure brands bid higher when they encounter users who are more likely to convert.

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