What is retargeting advertising?

Retargeting is a form of online advertising that uses data to re-engage potential leads or customers who leave your website without converting. Retargeting ads are designed to help advertisers reach visitors who don’t convert right away. These campaigns are effective because they allow advertisers to target engaged customers with a highly relevant ad. Retargeting delivers strong results for increased awareness, website traffic, and conversion rates.

How does retargeting advertising works?

Website Visit
Later, they start to see other ads on other websites they visit.
You’ve caught their eye—they return to your website ready to take action.

The benefits of retargeting advertising

Increase Brand Exposure

Develop a well-rounded marketing plan that includes traditional TV benefits, coupled with the precision of digital—with Basis.

Reach the Right Audience

Take advantage of better metrics (i.e., video completion rate, impressions delivered, unique device reach, etc.) and real-time reporting.

Improve Cost Effectiveness

Find unique audiences and access premium brand inventory with Basis’ best-in-class Private Marketplace (PMP) library.

We add additional value
for every advertising dollar.

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