Unified data & seamless online experiences

Streamline the retail experience for your customers. Connect data points from online and offline channels to power a personalized, engaging customer journey from brand introduction to checking out their cart, to coming back for more. We offer first-party data collection, dynamic creatives, automated product feeds, segmented and sequential retargeting, and targeting customers with incomplete purchases.

Digital Transformation for a Complete User View

Digitize your data and solve the challenge of disjoint data points and separated advertising channels. Brand IQ uses data science to match users online with offline transactional data and integrate all data points into holistic campaigns that leverage contextual, device, and behavioral targeting.

Leverage User Affinities and Predictive Attributes

Are you prepared to unlock the full potential of your first party data? Brand IQ supplements behavioral data with predictive algorithms about user interests. Layered on top of your 1st party data, these insights help narrow down on customer intentions across the web.

Convert Traffic to Online and Offline Sales

Brand IQ focuses on running compelling creatives and showing them to high lifetime value users at scale. We target users who are more likely to convert online or run location-based advertising, engaging with users who are located near your brick-and-mortar stores.

Personalize Customer Experiences Across Every Channel

We design and program personalized content that contributes to conversions for your business. Embracing a data-driven approach from the start, we leverage product availability, demand, margins, and pricing and deliver relevant ads to drive sales across leading websites, apps, platforms, and smart TVs.

Drive Back Hesitant Buyers

We help advertisers proactively engage with customers who may need more encouragement to finalize a purchase. Accelerate the conversion rate of hesitant buyers with personalized creatives, incentives, and messages. At the same time, avoid delivering discounts to shoppers who constantly compare and will buy regardless.

Digitize Offline Data

Put to work your offline data by turning it into addressable 1st party audiences that can be reached across the web. Combine their online experience with compelling mail campaigns that drive loyalty and boost sales. Layer targeting and 3rd party audience data to maximize results and create loyal customers.

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