What is native advertising?

Native advertising is a type of rich media format that blends with the content the user is engaged with and provides a smoother viewing experience. Thoughtful ads and messaging allow your brand to seamlessly deliver its message without disruptive design, and helps users become more informed about your offering without even clicking the ad.

Native advertising formats


In-feed native ads are typically placed within articles and content feeds. They mimic the surrounding site (or app) design and provide an uninterrupted flow of information to the consumer.

Branded content

Branded content ads appear as paid content by a brand published in the same format as a full editorial on a publisher’s site. This is generally done in conjunction with the publisher’s content teams.

Content recommendations

Content recommendation ads are displayed alongside or under other editorial content. They reach a wide audience in a cost-effective manner.

Why native advertising?

Build trust

We’ll help deliver better ad experiences that are relevant, appealing, and not disruptive to the digital-savvy consumer..

Increase engagement

We help advertisers share brand stories within relevant content worldwide to drive more attention and increase brand lift. Our tech capabilities allow us to do sequential ads and cross-device attribution.

Target precisely

Brand IQ helps brands combine native ad formats with advanced targeting capabilities, such as contextual, behavioral, cross-device, and event-driven targeting and retargeting.

Access publishers directly

Brand IQ provides access to all leading private marketplace (PMPs) across trusted global publishers. We can target inventory on the open exchange or book reserved deals.

Transparency and control

Our in-house technology arms brands with powerful tools to leverage all of the available data and provide data-based outcomes when it comes to engagement, KPIs, and business results.

Bring efficiency

Our team helps create ads efficiently and optimizes campaign management to minimize ad costs and improve results.

We add additional value
for every advertising dollar.

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