What is mobile advertising?

Mobile Advertising appears on mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets with wireless connections—it can look like SMS text message ads, banner ads, or videos that appear embedded on mobile websites, in-apps, or games. Highly targeted, mobile advertising allows advertisers to provide personalized content to their desired audience, based on individuals’ location, browsing, and buying habits.

How programmatic advertising works?

Comprised of in-feed ads, branded content ads, and content recommendation ads. Mobile native ad formats mimic the form, function, and feel of other mobile content.

Audience targeting tactics for mobile advertising

Mobile Retargeting

Reach consumers effectively. Connect with a consumer who has visited your website or app and drive them to purchase.

Cross-Device Targeting

Find audiences across screens. Get a sense of cross-screen attribution and where customers are connecting with your brand/product.

Mobile Location Targeting

Leverage location and site visit data. Use powerful location data to drive consumers to shop online and in-store.

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