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Executive summary

Brand IQ Group, Inc. (Brand IQ) provides comprehensive digital advertising services across programmatic, social, search, TV, radio, and outdoor channels through strategic integrations and partnerships. These services encompass the entire process of media creation, campaign setup, management, and automated analysis. Brand IQ operates in developed markets where its advanced data-driven media formats combined with cross-channel data integrations add value to sophisticated advertisers. It further leverages opportunities in emerging markets to promote integrated advertising and drive digital innovation.

Objectives for Brand IQ:

  • Function as full-service marketing partner for key advertising accounts
  • Deliver cross-platform advertising and analysis for optimal long- and short-term results
  • Provide in-house creative services for quick turnaround and immediate executions
  • Develop dynamic creative solutions and automated feeds for both branding and direct response campaigns
  • Empower advertisers with dynamic targeting and retargeting capabilities for higher client retention
  • Simplify data science through campaign insights and analytics
  • Establish regional presence in relevant geographies across the US and Europe.

Data runs in our DNA. We enable personalization at scale, based on data-driven decisions for aggressive long- and short-term client obiectives.

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