Grow your business with Brand IQ

Our technology and partnerships with leading vendors worldwide are strategically positioned to bring additional value for every advertising dollar.

Financial Services

Brand IQ offers dynamic advertising products suited for financial institutions worldwide. In addition, our in-house lawyers can provide guidance for compliance purposes.


Solutions custom-tailored to their needs: first-party data collection, dynamic creatives, automated product feeds, segmented and sequential retargeting, targeting customers with incomplete purchases.

Brick & Mortar

Brand IQ helps brick and mortar businesses deliver super-targeted ads for any geo-reference globally.

Auto dealers

With our automated feeds and dynamic creatives, prices, image, makes, models and special offers can vary dynamically based on zip code, time of day, browsing activity, dealership location and many more factors.


We deliver targeted messages based on third-party data but can also complement external targeting with predefined white lists of media that suit the needs of any size campaign.

Chains & Party Venues

Any venue can be digitized with a local WiFi hotspot to open up new opportunities for programmatic and social advertising. We enable venues collect first-party data of customers using their WiFi hotspots.


Brand IQ provides accessible advertising solutions that drive relevant customers. Our partnerships enable us to target specific geo-locations to sift through the most relevant audience.

Hospitality & Travel

Brand IQ’s dynamic content empowers hospitality and travel providers to deliver up-to-date personalized promotions worldwide. We enable dynamic variation of relevant pricing and availability data.


Our reporting capabilities can be utilized as a mass survey system to understand what features of a product or service are appealing. Big data come natural to us and can help save months of research while reducing costs.

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