Leverage data to provide personalized experiences

Brand IQ offers data-drive advertising products suited for financial institutions worldwide. In addition, our in-house lawyers provide guidance for compliance purposes. Our services ensure better user acquisition, engagements, and retention for banks, brokers, and issuers.

Understand your Customers

We help securely collect and unify user, financial, and CRM data to understand better user activity and behavior. Our solutions turn these data into actionable targeting tools for delivering relevant and consistent messages on every screen across the web. In addition, we use statistical modeling to expand your reach into new relevant audiences.

Acquire New Lookalike Customers

Brand IQ uses state-of-the-art lookalike tools to model and create effective audience groups on all major advertising channels. Leverage our technical capabilities to achieve better ad performance. We make the most of your 1st party data for precise and valuable user acquisition.

Target Based on a Multitude of Parameters

The behavior and decision-making process of people is influenced by a variety of factors, such as the content they are reading, the device they use, the state of the market, news and relevant events, and many others. We offer extensive targeting capabilities in addition to 1st and 3rd party audiences to serve the right ad at the right time.

Retarget Valuable Customers with Relevant Ads

Brand IQ offers fully-custom dynamic creatives, changing depending on stock prices, macroeconomic events, location, product preference, and many more criteria. They help you to improve lead generation while reducing costs. Stop using templated ads to make your products look like everyone else’s. We make personalization at scale a reality.

Tell a Story Using Data

Brand IQ leverages data to help financial advertisers reach the right customers across the web using audience segmentation based on predicted user affinity and on-site behavior. We achieve all this while securing your 1st party data and following strict data privacy guidelines.

Promote New Products to New Audiences

Brand IQ enables financial brands to engage non-overlapping audiences segments of users with personalized messages that promote new financial products. Such segmentation ensures that your ads stay on-target and your advertising budget is not wasted on bombarding irrelevant users with repetitive messages.

Cross-Promote and Upsell

Brand IQ enable ambitious financial brands to take their advertising to the next level by helping them predict what customers will purchase next and reacting to demand trends. With us, you can incorporate into your strategy information about user profiles, risk levels, life stages, and purchase behavior so that you never miss the chance to boost sales.

Optimize Ad Campaigns Across Platforms

Brand IQ’s mission is to help advertisers reduce ad spend by scaling and optimizing ad campaigns across major paid channels, including DSPs, search, and social media. We combine human expertise with technology to deliver optimized campaigns that align with the needs of your business and your goals.

Boost Conversions and Loyalty on Social Media

Use your advertising data and campaign intelligence across the web to drive performance and loyalty on social media with compelling creatives and meaningful messages. We help financial advertisers achieve better branding, spread the word about new products and services, and achieve measurable results in terms of new converting users.

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