Be the go-to shopping destination

Build a personalized, engaging customer experience for each shopper with dynamic, data-driven creatives and targeting. With Brand IQ, your shoppers will be able to browse, add items to the cart, check out, and become loyal customers easier than ever!

Personalize Every Experience of the Customer Journey

Make the best first impression with your audience with eye-catching and interactive rich media ads to maximize brand awareness and boost traffic to your website. Escape the templates of major ad networks with our dynamic rich-media creative capabilities.

Recommend the Right Products at the Right Time

We help you segment your audiences based on their in-market needs, behavior, the content they are engaged with, and many other targeting criteria. Audience segmentation delivers relevant messages to users based on their needs and interests and ultimately helps them find the products they are looking for.

Get Hesitant Shoppers to Convert

Brand IQ combines data from all digital channel and make it easy to deliver incentives and promotions exactly when hesitant shoppers need an extra push to check out. Reach drop-outs at scale and nudge them in exactly the right moment.

Target your Competitors

Utilize state-of-the-art algorithms combined with statistically significant data to target users similar to those who visit your competitors. Brand IQ enables advertisers to expand their audiences, ultimately increase their market share, and grow faster than the competition.

Maximize your Profits

Our mission is to make your business thrive and we strive to replicate the in-store customer experience online by varying our bidding to account for ROI and profit, factoring into account product margins, transport expenses, and other store data. Just like offline, we prioritize displaying those products that boost your business.

Make Shoppers your Lasting Customers

Make the relationship with your customers a long-lasting one by increasing customer lifetime value with loyalty programs across different channels. Brand IQ seamlessly integrates promotions, draws, games, and surveys into your advertising strategy and helps turn one-time customers into superfans and brand ambassadors.

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