What is display advertising?​

Display ads refer to a variety of banners and rich media creatives, often combining text, images, video, or audio. They appear in well-defined areas on websites and apps. The most impactful display ads leverage high-quality assets and real-time information in order to catch the attention of viewers, encourage them to click-through to a landing page, and feature a strong call to action.

Types of display advertising

Static banners

Static banners—the simplest display ads—consist of an image with a single exit link. Typical mobile display ad sizes are 300×250, 320×50, 320×100, and 320×480. On desktops, ads come in a greater variety of eye-catching sizes and shapes; popular sizes are 120×600, 160×600, 300×600, 336×280, 728×90, and 970×90. Depending on the specific market, other sizes such as 970×250 and 580×400 may be found.

Rich media

Rich media display ads fit into the sizes of standard banners but offer appealing—and often interactive—combinations of audio, video, pictures, and text. They present an eye-catching story to the user and tend to attract more attention. Technically, rich media ads have the structure of mini webpages and are often responsive, making them perfect for smaller and larger ad slot sizes.


Native display ads are a unique blend of text and rich media components with responsive design. They blend with the content of the specific page or app the user is engaged with and provide a non-disruptive experience. Native ads allow brands to deliver very targeted messages to users in the right mood and context.


Dynamic ads provide a powerful tool to bring in live data, such as varying price and availability data, into rich media creatives. Brand IQ has built unique, customizable formats for dynamic ads that have had great success in e-commerce, retail, and financial industries. We can dynamically vary the creative message, background, and other key components based on the user location, time of day, state of the market, feed data coming from the advertiser, and many more variables.

In-banner video

In-banner video ads are a hybrid creative format combining rich media ads and outstream video. They fit in the ordinary sizes of static and rich media ads but provide high-quality muted streaming video content. Interested users can turn the sound on and interact with the ad by clicking them. In-banner videos are a fantastic way to show eye-catching content in the typical ad slots on webpages and in apps.

App install

App install ads are optimized for mobile devices and follow formats mandated by major app stores for Apple and Google Play. They pull live data from the app page, such as reviews, ratings, and the app screens. Their CTA is optimized for app installations. On click, they typically take the user directly to the app page where they can download the app.


Parallax ads are optimized for mobile devices and take advantage of the ability to scroll within the page or app to create motion, often mimicking 3D. They are catchy and are great for brands advertising specific consumer products. These ads are inherently light, fast to load, and provide an uninterrupted user experience.

Why display advertising?


Brand IQ is platform- and media-agnostic, and strives to offer our clients consolidated media buying, covering all major slices of display inventory and available creative formats.

Brand visibility

A picture speaks a thousand words! Display advertising provides a visually appealing, targeted way to present your brand across different screens and increase visibility and recognition with relevant audiences.

Brand recognition

Persistence in display advertising, combined with visually appealing creatives, builds and strengthens brand recognition., offering an excellent opportunity to stand out amongst competitors and convert even offline.

Nurture leads

Display advertising enhances the performance of other advertising channels. A well-targeted display ad reminds customers already familiar with your brand and encourages them to make a purchase.

New audiences

The vast reach and abundant targeting options of display advertising make it a great tool for tapping into new audiences, selected by context, topic, website, or app they are engaged with, or even their behavioral criteria!

Data-driven decisions

Display advertising creates ideal opportunities for A/B testing and experiments. You can quickly devise variations in the creative message or design and efficiently check which versions perform best.

Boost ROI across the board

Display advertising naturally enhances your brand’s online presence and could potentially boost ROI across other channels, including search and social.

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