Direct deals

Direct deals refer to premium offers by high-quality media and publishing brands across the globe, transacted automatically within major programmatic exchanges. Brand IQ offers access to thousands of leading publishers worldwide, using exchange buying, auction in private marketplaces (PMPs), and custom direct deals.

How direct deals work

Instead of sending RFPs and manually adjusting tags, direct deals leverage the existing exchange pipelines and streamline the process of buying premium inventory. We offer access to custom deals with premium media, such as Spotify, CNN, BBC, Yahoo, MSN, and many others within most countries worldwide.

Direct deals formats


In-screen formats offer visible, creative opportunities for branding campaigns. They take advantage of rich media and unobtrusively get noticed while allowing the users to keep browsing their favorite content.


Skins provide the largest display area to make a visible and memorable impact on readers of premium media. They can be synchronized with other standard display units and contribute significantly to branding campaigns.

Standard display

Premium standard display units tend to be reserved because of their added visibility. They can have a meaningful impact on branding due to their typically larger size and utilization of rich media creatives.

Standard video

Standard video deals include video inventory on premium content or during popular events. They guarantee that advertisers can serve enough ads to make a meaningful impact without fearing the spot demand at the moment.

Why direct deals?

High-impact formats

Premium advertisers deserve the spotlight and often utilize non-standard creative formats to deliver their message.

Premium placements

Certain sections of high-end publishers’ websites are often reserved for direct deals and never become available for exchange buying.

Prime time

Specific events on premium publishers are reserved for direct advertising deals and the inventory is not available on the open exchange.

Premium audience

Audience segmentation often leads to high-end users whose attention is reserved for impactful direct deal formats.

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