What is CTV?

Connected TV (CTV) is the future of television. It is a cordless delivery of TV content, streaming over any device connected to the internet. Advertisement-powered CTV entails video on demand transacted programmatically whick alleviates subscription fatigue and reduces the overall cost of content for the end users.

How CTV ads work?

Connected TV (CTV), is a smart TV, smartphone, desktop, tablet or any device that is connected to the internet and facilitates the delivery of streaming video content.
A CTV device connects to the internet through built-in-capabilities or an external over-the-top (OTT) piece of equipment that enables old-fashioned standard TV to become smart.
CTV advertising occurs during the in-app experience. In addition to typical programmatic targeting capabilities, CTV ads can be based on the operating system, app, or content producer the user is engaged with.
A video ad similar to pre- and mid-roll ads on computers, laptops, and smartphones appears. The overall user experience remains similar to traditional TV.

Why CTV?

Largest Screen

CTV content is often streamed in place of ordinary TV on the largest screens at home. This means CTV ads get the spotlight on the TV at home.

Audience Targeting

CTV ads transacted programmatically offers diverse targeting options and access to premium addressable audience segments.

Cross Device Attribution

CTV is typically streamed using the same home internet connection as all other home devices. The interaction process of the user, starting after seeing a CTV ad and ending up with a mobile or laptop purchase, can be properly attributed.


CTV ads are not traditionally skipped because people are accustomed to blocks of TV ads. Hence, a well-thought video ad is very likely to get the full attention of the user it is intended for.

Nearly Full Completion

Video ads on CTV are skipped less frequently compared to traditional pre- and mid-roll video ads. People are accustomed to TV ads and usually appreciate well-done videos.

100% In-View

CTV ad formats offer the highest viewability of all advertising. Similar in nature to ordinary TV formats, they are always in view and ensure your ad gets noticed by real people.

Premium Content

CTV ads appear during premium content by some of the largest media worldwide due to the barriers to entry. Unlike the rest of the internet, it is difficult to get CTV ads on top of mediocre content or fake media.


Unlike ordinary video ads, CTV ones are rarely muted. Naturally personalized and hence more engaging, they are appreciated more by users and usually remain audible.

Brand Safe

Due to the barriers to entry and the strong categorization of the content, bad actors are virtually absent from the CTV environment, which brings brand safety controls to a whole new level.

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