Creative Solutions

Brand IQ brings your message across all screens and platforms with in-house creative offering backed by a money-back compatibility guarantee.

Programmatic Creatives

Explore our creatives and creative formats in which creativity gets informed by statistics and machine learning. We offer fully customizable dynamic ads and high-impact formats.

Rich Media Formats

Rich media ads deliver the most interactive experience modern display technology has to offer in order to engage in a dialogue with the consumer. Brand IQ offers a rich arsenal of interactive elements across desktop and mobile.

Native Ads

Native advertising has evolved to offer more natural user experience and popularize the advertised products and services in ways that naturally blend in the content surrounding the ad spaces.

Dynamic Ads

Whether used for prospecting or retargeting, dynamic ads are compiled on the fly every time a user sees an ad. Brand IQ offers fully customized dynamic creatives, ideal for prospecting and dynamic remarketing at scale.

Video Ads

Brand IQ offers video and connected TV in pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, and in-banner video ads in addition to a multitude of platform-specific layouts.