What is audio advertising?

Audio advertising is the upgraded version of traditional radio ads. It usually serves as an extension of video and CTV assets by using their audio track, often partnered with a companion creative. Audio ads are an excellent way to further promote a brand and encourage the users to imagine interacting with the goods or services offered.

Audio ad types

Audio ads

Audio ads consist of audio assets without visuals. They are typically up to 60 seconds long.

Companion ads

Companion ads serve as visual aid to the audio ads. They usually appear as 300×250 or overlay display ads on mobile devices and enable users to go to a landing page.

Why use audio ads?

Brand lift

Audio ads promote a deeper level of engagement with your brand by providing personal audio experiences that drive key advertising metrics and enhance brand lift.

Reach unique audiences

Audio ads help advertisers extend their messaging to a growing audience of highly focused users while they are interacting with their favorite content in-home and on-the-go.

Measure results quickly

Audio ad metrics provide useful insights into the success of certain messages and calls to action. Brand IQ is uniquely positioned to help advertisers understand the ad metrics and implement optimizations quickly and accurately.


Decrease cost & time

Audio ads help advertisers reach target audiences at a smaller cost, using fewer resources and production time compared to other media types.

Enhance brand safety

Audio ads provide access to high-quality inventory, non-skippable ads, and in-app listening that diminish fraudulent activity. They are usually run by premium platforms with curated content.

Support local artists

Audio ads enable advertisers to make a meaningful difference by supporting local talent and encouraging artists to stay independent.

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